Ewen Dai


Ewen is currently a Statistics MA student at UC Berkeley and completed her undergrad studies at Berkeley in Data Science and Statistics. Outside of consulting she has also been on course staff of multiple classes. Mostly recently, she is a TA for Stat 88.

Diana Casanova

Graduate School of Education

Diana Casanova is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate with the Graduate School of Education. Diana’s research is focused on the policies and practices that empower family and community stakeholders to act collectively and affect social change. Specifically, she studies the implementation of California’s school finance reform, which includes a more structured and democratic process of stakeholder engagement, seeking to illustrate the relationship between a state initiative aimed at bringing families into policy-making spaces and the ways that families find and make meaning in these spaces...

Kazutoki Matsui

Instructor, Consultant
Goldman School of Public Policy

Kazutoki is an MPA student at Goldman School of Public Policy with a passion for policy and technology. He is particularly interested in how data analytics and artificial intelligence can help improve public budgeting and governmental services. Kazutoki has worked as a policy manager at Financial Services Agency, a financial regulator in Japan. Prior to that, he worked as an analyst at Ministry of Finance, mainly in charge of corporate tax policy. He is currently studying as a Japanese Government Fellow, and has also received his master’s degree in Finance from MIT.

Finley Golightly

UTech Management
Applied Mathematics

Finley is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Applied Math at UC Berkeley. They are interested in entering the data science field. after they complete their Bachelor's degree.

They have been with D-Lab since Fall 2020 and are currently part of the UTech Management Team. They love the learning environment of D-Lab and their favorite part of the job is their co-workers! In their free time, they enjoy reading, boxing, listening to music, and playing Dungeons & Dragons. Feel free to stop by the front desk to ask them any questions you may have or...

Bobo Kwok

Data Science

I am an undergraduate student studying Data Science with an emphasis in Applied Mathematics & Modeling. I enjoy storytelling through data visuals and learning new visualization tools.

Caroline Figueroa, MD, Ph.D.

Research Fellow, Digital Health Social Justice Project Lead
School of Social Welfare
Digital Health Social Justice

Caroline Figueroa, MD Ph.D., is a Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare. She obtained her MD degree and Ph.D. degree at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Her Ph.D. research took place at the University of Amsterdam and at the University of Oxford, where she studied cognitive and neurobiological vulnerability factors for recurrence of depression in patients remitted from Major Depressive Disorder. Current research interest is on digital interventions for depression, with an emphasis on developing cutting-edge innovations that tailor to the needs of...

Swetha Pola

Research Fellow
School of Information

Swetha (she/her) is a 5th Year Master of Information and Data Science student at the School of Information, with experience in Cognitive Science, Psychology research, and product management. Her research interests include building ethical, transparent AI and the impacts of technologies (specifically, mass media, surveillance, and algorithms of bias) on longitudinal behavioral health. She is happy to help with questions on Python, R, SQL, machine learning, neural networks, statistical analysis, and research design!


Sajia Darwish

Public Health

Sajia Darwish is a masters student at the School of Public Health. Her research interests center on using empirical methods to understand and solve problems in health and education. Sajia holds a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and a M.A. from Stanford University.

Python Web Scraping & APIs

June 29, 2022, 1:00pm
In this workshop, we cover how to extract data from the web using Python. We focus on two approaches to extracting data from the web: leveraging application programming interfaces (APIs) and web scraping.
See event details for participation information.

Python Text Analysis Fundamentals: Parts 1-2

June 14, 2022, 1:00pm
This two-part workshop series will prepare participants to move forward with research that uses text analysis, with a special focus on humanities and social science applications.
See event details for participation information.