Regression Analysis

Alex Stephenson

Senior Data Science Fellow
Political Science

I am a Ph.D. Student in the Travers Department of Political Science. My primary research interests are military organizations, policing, the determinants of political violence, and causal inference. I am also interested in creating tools to make software easier to use for non-technical political scientists.

Ash Tan

School of Information

Ash is a Masters of Information and Data Science student at the Berkeley School of Information. He currently studies data collection, analysis, and visualization, as well as research design and machine learning techniques. His interests include cognitive science, Wikipedia data, and privacy research.


Frank Hidalgo Ruiz

Data Science Fellow

I am currently a 5th-year Chemical Biology Ph.D. student. My research focuses on understanding the mechanism by which mutations in a protein called Ras lead to tumorigenesis. More specifically, I aim to integrate high-throughput mutagenesis, coevolutionary analysis, and machine learning algorithms to generate a predictive model. Over the last year, I have built a Python package to process, analyze, and visualize Next Generation Sequencing datasets. I love collaborating across research fields and sharing my passion for data science.

Jose Aveldanes

Instructor, Consultant

I'm a third-year Ph.D. student in Sociology and Demography. I'm broadly interested in families, social policy, and computational social science. I approach the study of social issues using nationally representative surveys and computational methods in an attempt to study inequality, culture, and demographic change.

Everett Wetchler

Instructor, Consultant

Ex-programmer, ex-data-scientist, current PhD student in psychology.

Aniket Kesari, Ph.D.

Research Fellow
Berkeley Law

Aniket is a postdoctoral scholar at the D-Lab. He earned his Ph.D. from Berkeley Law, where he specialized in Law & Economics. He also holds a BA from Rutgers University – New Brunswick in Political Science and History and is a JD candidate at Yale University. His research focuses on privacy and cybersecurity law, and he is generally interested in using data science to tackle public policy problems. During his graduate career, he was a Google Public Policy Fellow, a Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) Fellow at the University of Chicago, and a Technology Policy Analyst Intern at...

Caroline Figueroa, MD, Ph.D.

Research Fellow, Digital Health Social Justice Project Lead
School of Social Welfare
Digital Health Social Justice

Caroline Figueroa, MD Ph.D., is a Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare. She obtained her MD degree and Ph.D. degree at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Her Ph.D. research took place at the University of Amsterdam and at the University of Oxford, where she studied cognitive and neurobiological vulnerability factors for recurrence of depression in patients remitted from Major Depressive Disorder. Current research interest is on digital interventions for depression, with an emphasis on developing cutting-edge innovations that tailor to the needs of...

Ian Castro

Data Science Fellow
School of Information

Ian is a graduate student in the Master of Information Management and Systems program at the School of Information with a focus in applied data science. He earned his B.A. in Media Studies and B.S. in Microbial Biology from UC Berkeley, and his research interests and work experience are in STEM education. He focuses in building courses and academic programs to make data and computing accessible to historically marginalized students and those without prior exposure to the field.

Katherine Wolf

Adjunct Fellow
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Doctoral student in Rachel Morello-Frosch's laboratory in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management working at the intersection of environmental epidemiology, environmental justice, and causal inference. Particularly interested in developing quantitative methods to investigate the operation of social power in environmental monitoring regimes in the United States.

Sean Perez

Data Science Fellow
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Sean is a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM). His thesis is centered around the chemical and genetic components that underly chemical defense in arthropods. To answer these questions, he uses a variety of methods from Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry to RNAseq differential expression analysis. To this end, he programs in R, Python, and bash.

Sean is also an aspiring data-science who draws inspiration from Hadley Wickham and Wes McKinney, the creators of the tidyverse and pandas respectively, and tries to follow their tenants of creating