Reine Ngnonsse

IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board
Genetics and Plant Biology

Reine Ngnonsse, an enthusiast for math and technology, delved into tutoring math at a community college through the EOPs program. At UC Berkeley, while pursuing Genetics and Plant Biology, She explored R programming in a CRISPR project. As an intern at Health Career Connection, Reine expanded coding skills in Python, R, and Tableau, igniting a passion for programming. With exposure to Python and Javascript, she can't wait to merge mathematical prowess with coding finesse for innovative solutions.

Addison Pickrell

IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board

Addison is an aspiring mathematician and social scientist (Class of '27). He loves collecting books he'll never read, is an open-source and open-access advocate, and an aspiring community organizer and systems disrupter. Ask me about community-based participatory action research (CBPAR), critical pedagogy, applied mathematics, and social science.

Elaine Luo

Graduate School of Education

Elaine (Hua) Luo is a PhD candidate in the Graduate School of Education, School Psychology PhD program. Her research interests focus on adolescents’ identity development and well-being under the transactional influence of entities in their socio-ecological systems. In her research, Elaine has utilized not only quantitative but also qualitative and mixed methods to study her research topics of interest. Before coming to Berkeley, Elaine earned her Master’s in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard Graduate School of Education and her Bachelor of Art in Education Sciences from...

Mapping Census Data with tidycensus

November 6, 2023
by Alex Ramiller. The U.S. Census Bureau provides a rich source of publicly available data for a wide variety of research applications. However, the traditional process of downloading these data from the census website is slow, cumbersome, and inefficient. The R package “tidycensus” provides researchers with a tool to overcome these challenges, enabling a streamlined process to quickly downloading numerous datasets directly from the census API (Application Programming Interface). This blog post provides a basic workflow for the use of the tidycensus package, from installing the package and identifying variables to efficiently downloading and mapping census data.

María Martín López

Data Science Fellow

María Martín López is a PhD student in the Cognition area within the Department of Psychology. Her research relates to cognitive computational and quantitative models of individual differences in behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. She is particularly interested in how we can create and leverage novel algorithms to understand, measure, and predict processes relating to externalizing psychopathology (e.g. impulsivity, aggression, substance use). She answers these questions using a range of computational and quantitive models including AI, NLP, SEM, time series analysis, multi-level...

Using Forest Plots to Report Regression Estimates: A Useful Data Visualization Technique

October 17, 2023
by Sharon Green. Regression models help us understand relationships between two or more variables. In many cases, results are summarized in tables that present coefficients, standard errors, and p-values. Reading these can be a slog. Figures such as forest plots can help us communicate results more effectively and may lead to a better understanding of the data. This blog post is a tutorial on two different approaches to creating high-quality and reproducible forest plots, one using ggplot2 and one using the forestplot package.

Nimita Gaggar

Public Health

Passionate and driven Public Health graduate student at UC Berkeley with a strong background in program management and a relentless pursuit of excellence. I have 5+ years of experience in program management and operations in the healthcare industry. My academic journey at UC Berkeley has equipped me with a multifaceted skill set, blending strategic thinking, data-driven decision-making, and effective communication. I thrive in fast-paced, dynamic environments and have a proven ability to lead cross-functional teams toward project success.

Ini Umosen

Consulting Drop-In Hours: Tue 9am-11am

Consulting Areas: R, Stata, LaTeX, Data Manipulation and Cleaning, Data Science, Data Visualization, R Programming, Text Analysis, Web Scraping, Regression Analysis, RStudio, RStudio Cloud, Stata

Quick-tip: the fastest way to speak to a consultant is to first ...

Suraj Nair

Data Science Fellow
School of Information

I am a PhD Student at the School of Information. My research interests lie at the intersection of development economics and machine learning, with a focus on the use of large scale digital data and new computational tools to study pressing issues in global development.

Alex Ramiller

Data Science Fellow
City and Regional Planning

I am a PhD Candidate in City and Regional Planning. My research focuses on the use of large administrative datasets to study residential mobility, neighborhood change, and housing access. I received a Master in Geography from the University of Washington and a Bachelor's in Economics and Geography from Macalester College. I have also consulted on analytical projects for several organizations including the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, PolicyLink, and the City of Seattle.