Software Output Interpretation

Sean Perez

Data Science Fellow
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Sean is a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM). His thesis is centered around the chemical and genetic components that underly chemical defense in arthropods. To answer these questions, he uses a variety of methods from Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry to RNAseq differential expression analysis. To this end, he programs in R, Python, and bash.

Sean is also an aspiring data-science who draws inspiration from Hadley Wickham and Wes McKinney, the creators of the tidyverse and pandas respectively, and tries to follow their tenants of creating

Nikita Samarin

Data Science Fellow
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

Nikita Samarin is a doctoral student in Computer Science in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) at the University of California, Berkeley advised by Serge Egelman and David Wagner. His research focuses on computer security and privacy from an interdisciplinary perspective, combining approaches from human-computer interaction, behavioral sciences, and legal studies. Samarin is a member of the Berkeley Lab for Usable and Experimental Security (BLUES) and an affiliated graduate researcher at the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) and the...

Eileen Cahill

Data Science Fellow
School of Information

Eileen is currently a first year Information Management and Systems student committed to studying human-centered design for the utility and usability of healthcare systems. She spent the last few years working in genomic research program analysis and management at the National Human Genome Research Institute. Prior to that, Eileen attended Georgetown University where she studied biology and studio art. During this time, she performed research on water contaminants in an analytical chemistry lab as well as research on estrogen mimicking compound effects on Zebrafish in a brain...

Connor Haley

Data Science Fellow
Haas School of Business

Connor is an MBA/MEng student with an undergraduate degree in statistics. He spent the past three years in economic consulting, focused on designing competitive electric power markets to produce optimal outcomes. His technical background is in R, Excel, Visual Basic (VBA/macros), and statistical methods.

Avery Richards

Senior Data Science Fellow
School of Public Health

Avery is an MPH student at the School of Public Health. With a background in literature and behavioral health, his current research focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to health and social data. Avery's general interests include public health surveillance, data security, wrangling, and statistical health analysis methodology.

Alex Stephenson

Senior Data Science Fellow
Political Science

I am a Ph.D. Student in the Travers Department of Political Science. My primary research interests are military organizations, policing, the determinants of political violence, and causal inference. I am also interested in creating tools to make software easier to use for non-technical political scientists.

Jose Aveldanes

Instructor, Consultant

I'm a third-year Ph.D. student in Sociology and Demography. I'm broadly interested in families, social policy, and computational social science. I approach the study of social issues using nationally representative surveys and computational methods in an attempt to study inequality, culture, and demographic change.

Katherine Wolf

Adjunct Fellow
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Doctoral student in Rachel Morello-Frosch's laboratory in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management working at the intersection of environmental epidemiology, environmental justice, and causal inference. Particularly interested in developing quantitative methods to investigate the operation of social power in environmental monitoring regimes in the United States.

Amanda Glazer


Amanda is a PhD candidate in the statistics department at Berkeley. Her research focuses on causal inference with applications in education, political science and sports. Previously she earned her Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics, with a secondary in computer science, from Harvard.

Anna Pan

Haas School of Business

Anna is an MBA candidate at Berkeley with five years of experience as an actuary and data scientist in the Property & Casualty insurance industry. She has experience with modeling on large claims datasets using statistical tools and languages including SQL, R, and Python. She will be a data science intern in tech this summer. Outside of professional work, Anna enjoys playing the pipe organ and running.