María Martín López

Job title: 
Data Science Fellow

María Martín López is a PhD student in the Cognition area within the Department of Psychology. Her research relates to cognitive computational and quantitative models of individual differences in behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. She is particularly interested in how we can create and leverage novel algorithms to understand, measure, and predict processes relating to externalizing psychopathology (e.g. impulsivity, aggression, substance use). She answers these questions using a range of computational and quantitive models including AI, NLP, SEM, time series analysis, multi-level modeling, and Bayesian inference. Prior to coming to Berkeley, María received her Master’s of Science in Clinical Research Methods from Fordham University focusing on quantitative psychology and a Bachelor of Arts, with honors, in Politics with a minor in Computer Science from NYU.

Research interests: 

 Cognitive computational and quantitative models of psychopathology.