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Skyler Yumeng Chen

Data Science for Social Justice Fellow 2024
Haas School of Business

Skyler is a Ph.D. student in Behavioral Marketing at the Haas School of Business. Her research centers on consumer behavior and judgment and decision-making, with a keen interest in both experimental methods and data science techniques. She holds a B.A. in Economics and a B.S. in Data Science from New York University Shanghai.

Grace Hu

Data Science for Social Justice Fellow 2024

Grace is a 3rd year Bioengineering PhD candidate in the joint UC Berkeley-UCSF Graduate Program. Her research lies at the nexus of computational design and 3D-bioprinting to advance tissue engineering for regenerative medicine. She previously studied Materials Science and Engineering (B.S.) and Computer Science (M.S.) at Stanford University, where she investigated printable batteries to power an ultra-affordable scanning electron microscope and explored computer science education research by developing AI models to augment teaching ability.

In her free time she...

Kurt Soncco Sinchi

Data Science for Social Justice Fellow 2024
Civil Engineering

First generation student and looking to improve and apply Data Science core concepts into social impactful projects, as well as trying to leverage the information from previous cases for better insights of society. Focused on infrastructure and its impact under natural disasters.

Sahiba Chopra

Data Science Fellow 2024

I'm a PhD student in the Management and Organizations (Macro) group at Berkeley Haas. I have a diverse professional background, primarily as a data scientist across numerous industries, including fintech, cleantech, and media. I hold a BA in Economics from the University of Maryland, an MS in Applied Economics from the University of San Francisco, and an MS in Business Administration from UC Berkeley.

My research focuses on the intersection of inequality, technology, and the labor market. I am particularly interested in understanding how to reduce inequality in...

Enrique Valencia López

Data Science Fellow
Graduate School of Education

Enrique Valencia López is a PhD student in the Policy, Politics and Leadership cluster at the Graduate School of Education.His research interests relate to three broad areas: the stratification of education by gender, immigration status and ethnicity; the measurement of teacher working conditions and well-being; and education in Latin America.

Before coming to Berkeley, Enrique worked for Mexico’s National Institute for Educational Evaluation and Assessment (INEE) in both the Policy and Indicators area. During that time, he co-authored Mexico’s first report on the educational...

John Salchak

Data Science Fellow 2024
Political Science

I am a third year Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science and I conduct empirical research on international and civil conflict. My work assesses the effects of U.S. security force assistance on partner state military design as well as the effects of foreign military interventions on subsequent dispute initiation between states.

I hold an MA from University of Chicago and a BA from George Washington University.

Jane (Mango) Angar

Data Science Fellow 2024
Political Science

Hi! I am a PhD candidate in the Political Science Department at UC Berkeley. My dissertation traces the emergence of disability rights groups in Africa, focusing on Zambia and Malawi, and examines factors influencing their effectiveness. I use mixed methods, including archival work, field interviews, participant observation, and surveys for data collection.

My data analysis techniques include text analysis, social network analysis, means tests, and regressions. In my free time, I enjoy moderately difficult hikes, walks along the beach with my dog, Princess, and...

Farnam Mohebi

Data Science Fellow
Haas School of Business

I am a PhD student at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, and a researcher in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of California, San Francisco, having previously earned my MD and MPH degrees. My research focuses on the intersection of professionals and emerging technologies, drawing from the fields of medical sociology, organizational theory, and science and technology studies. I am particularly fascinated by the evolving relationship between physicians and artificial intelligence, the phenomenon of physician influencers, and the social...

Design Your Observational Study with the Joint Variable Importance Plot

March 12, 2024
by Lauren Liao. When evaluating causal inference in observational studies, there often is a natural imbalance in the data. Luckily, variables are often measured alongside that can be helpful for adjustment. However, deciding which variables should be prioritized for adjustment is not trivial – since not all variables are equally important to the intervention or the outcome. I recommend using the joint variable importance plot during the observational study design phase to visualize which variables should be prioritized. This post provides a gentle guide on how to do so and why it is important.

Jane Angar

Consulting Drop-In Hours: Wed 9am-11am

Consulting Areas: R, Stata, LaTeX, Data Manipulation and Cleaning, Data Visualization, Qualitative methods, R Programming, Regression Analysis, Means Tests, Excel, Git or Github, Qualtrics, RStudio, Stata, Jupiter Notebook

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