Text Analysis

Ilya Akdemir

Data Science Fellow
School of Law

Ilya is a JSD candidate at UC Berkeley School of Law. His research focuses on natural language processing and machine learning applications that are motivated by both theoretical and practical questions in the legal domain.

Computational Text Analysis Working Group (CTAWG)

The Computational Text Analysis Working Group (CTAWG) features demos, tutorials, and ongoing projects through which we are learning to use an array of computational text analysis approaches including: topic modeling, TF-IDF, dictionary methods, supervised machine learning, cosine similarity scores, words-to-vectors, grammar parsing, regular expressions, and more. Visit the CTAWG website to learn more.

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Brooks Jessup, Ph.D.

Data Science Fellow

Brooks received his Ph.D. in History from UC Berkeley and was trained in Data Science at General Assembly. His work applies digital tools and methods to the study of modern cities and urban issues. At D-Lab, he teaches and consults on data analytics, machine learning, geospatial analysis, and natural language processing with Python and SQL.

Hate Speech

The hate speech measurement project began in early 2017 at UC Berkeley’s D-Lab. Our research project applies data science techniques such as machine learning to track changes in hate speech over time and across social media platforms. After three years, we have now published our groundbreaking method that measures hate speech with precision while mitigating the influence of human bias. Read the manuscript here.

Adam Anderson, Ph.D.

Research Training Manager; Postdoc Lecturer
Digital Humanities

I’m an interdisciplinary data scientist, with a background in Middle Eastern languages (Hebrew, Arabic, and historical languages like Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian). I’ve worked in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Turkey with archaeological sites and museums. My technical skills include: translation and data storytelling, data forensics (3D imaging, mapping, modeling), computational linguistics (CTA, NLP, OCR), and network analysis (SNA). My roles on campus include: Research Training Manager of the Computational Social Science Training Program; Postdoc Lecturer...