R Bootcamp: Fall 2021


See event details for participation information.
August 21, 2021, 8:30am to August 22, 2021, 5:00pm
  • Day 1: Saturday, August 21
  • Day 2: Sunday, August 22

Co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley Statistics Department and the D-Lab.

Registration: To attend you must register here. Priority will be given to Berkeley grad students, postdocs, staff, and faculty, followed by those affiliated with another university or government agency, then Berkeley undergrads, and finally participants from for-profit organizations. Undergraduates interested in R should consider taking Statistics 133 or Statistics 132. 

NOTE: registrations will only be processed periodically so there may be a delay in hearing back from us about whether you are registered or on the waitlist.

Cancelling your registration: If you have registered and realize you cannot attend, PLEASE cancel your registration here so that we can let people on the wait-list attend. 

Event Description

The workshop will be an intensive two-day introduction to R using RStudio. After the first morning session, the workshop will (staffing permitting) be split into two separate tracks. Topics will include

  • R basics - reading and manipulating data, working with R data objects, doing calculations, making plots
  • programming in R
  • doing statistics/data analysis/data science in R
  • a brief intro to more advanced topics: efficiency, object-oriented programming, parallel processing in R

No prior experience with R is expected, but some familiarity with programming concepts such as variables, loops, if-then-else statements, functions, etc. will be helpful. 

The course website will be on GitHub.  Course content will be available there and will be updated in real-time. The site also has instructions on how to prepare for the course, which is basically just getting the software set up on your laptop. 

Health considerations: Vaccination requirements will follow campus requirements that will be in place as of August 4. In particular, those of you arriving from another country should carefully examine these requirements, which will determine if you can attend the bootcamp in person.

We hope to have the bootcamp in a room where there is some ability for participants who wish to spread out to spread out. Based on current campus planning for the fall semester, neither masks nor social distancing will be required. Finally, while we expect to be in person, we will switch to a virtual format if required because of changes in public health restrictions.

Questions? Email: r-bootcamp@lists.berkeley.edu

Co-sponsors: D-Lab and the Statistics Department.


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