Alison Victoria White

Job title: 
Changemaker Technology Project
Digital Health Social Justice

Alison (she/her) is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Cognitive Science and minors in Data Science and Journalism. She is interested in precision medicine and the intersection of computer science, data science, and the fields of neuroscience and psychopathology. She now works as a Research Coordinator in Dr. Ian Gotlib's Stanford Neurodevelopment, Affect and Psychopathology Lab. In the past, she served as a Research Assistant in labs at UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford in the areas of computational psychiatry, developmental psychopathology, and digital health. She plans to pursue a career that combines medicine and technology in an ethical and equitable manner by systematically considering the contextual implications of innovation for humanity and the planet. In her free time, she likes to farm, cook, and eat with her community.