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ArcGIS Online - a Geospatial Data, Mapping, Spatial Analysis and Web Publishing Platform

Posted: Nov, 06, 2018

By: Patty Frontiera

Looking for a tool to create a map? Share geographic data online? Develop a map-based website? Perform spatial analysis? Geocode addresses? If so, give ArcGIS Online a try. 
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Google Collaboratory as a Data Science Learning Environment

Posted: Oct, 30, 2018

By: Patty Frontiera

As a D-Lab instructor, I have designed and taught many workshops on the use of geospatial tools and techniques using both ArcGIS and QGIS software as well R and Python programming environments. Software installation is often a pain point for students and can dissuade new learners from moving forward.

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D-Lab Data Science Fellows Program

Posted: Oct, 16, 2018

By: Patty Frontiera

We are excited to announce the launch of our new D-Lab Data Science Fellows Program.


About the program

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What is IOKN2K?

Posted: Oct, 09, 2018

By: Susan Ayasse Gr...

IOKN2K! is D-Lab’s memo and motto has been for a while now. You might have seen it on a t-shirt or two (we hope…)


Many have asked what IOKN2K! means.  And it’s time to officially answer that question. IOKN2K! is an acronym and it stands for It’s OK Not To Know!  And like every other meme, it means more than its acronym.

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Mapping Spatial Inequities: Tackling Immigrant's Local Deprivation in the Bay Area

Posted: Sep, 18, 2018

By: Jasmijn Slootjes

The New Geography of Poverty & Migration

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Learning Data Science

Posted: Sep, 04, 2018

By: Patty Frontiera

Whether you are new to Berkeley or new to data science, you may be interested in shopping for academic classes that relate to data science methods, tools and techniques.  You might hear about some of these classes from your advisors, GSIs or fellow students. However, the Class Schedule in the Berkeley Academic Guide  provides a fantastic, flexible, comprehensive search tool for discovering current semester class offerings.

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Fall 2018 at the D-Lab

Posted: Aug, 23, 2018

By: cvacano

D-Lab is the largest on-boarding data science organization on campus, providing extra-curricular services that meet you where you are at. We help you learn data science tools and methods and apply them to your research.

How can we help? 

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Consulting Services at the D-Lab

Posted: May, 08, 2018

By: Nora Broege

Have a question you’d like to run by someone before you speak to your advisor? Getting an error message when you run a regression model in STATA or R? Have a bunch of addresses you’d like to map? Trying to develop a qualitative research plan? These are all questions D-Lab’s consulting services can assist you with.

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The UC Berkeley Digital Humanities Summer Program starts soon!

Posted: Apr, 17, 2018

By: Patty Frontiera

Looking for something to do this summer that includes a data science perspective? If so, enroll in the Digital Humanities Summer Program to gain practical, technical, and programming skills and experience while engaging with fascinating content from the arts and humanities.

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Data 8X - New D-Lab Working Group

Posted: Apr, 10, 2018

By: Patty Frontiera

Looking for an on ramp to get started with data science which, according to LinkedIn, is one of the fastest growing job areas in the country?

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