Surveys, Sampling & Interviews

Anushah Hossain

Senior Data Science Fellow
Energy and Resources Group

Anushah's background is in history and economics and she is interested in questions of how technological and social trends inform one another. She uses the models and methods of these disciplines - theories of technological change, an eye towards historical contingencies, and familiarity with programming tools - to undergird her work. In the past she's studied how internet users make sense of barriers they encounter when accessing the web, how cellular communications alter the nature of village life in the Philippines, and how the South Asian diaspora finds...

A Beginner’s Guide to the Bootstrap

November 22, 2021

What is the bootstrap method?

If you take a quantitative methods course here at Berkeley, chances are that you will learn how to perform a bootstrap. As an introductory data science instructor, it’s one of my favorite topics to teach, not just because it’s a powerful and useful tool, but also because it’s incredibly intuitive. In short, the bootstrap -- also known as resampling with replacement -- allows us to generate a distribution of sample statistics given only a single sample, estimating sampling error.The name of this method...

Amanda Glazer


Amanda is a PhD candidate in the statistics department at Berkeley. Her research focuses on causal inference with applications in education, political science and sports. Previously she earned her Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics, with a secondary in computer science, from Harvard.

Ann Glusker, Ph.D.

Sociology, Demography, & Quantitative Research Librarian
Doe Library

Ann Glusker is the Sociology, Demography, & Quantitative Research Librarian at University of California Berkeley. She has worked in medical, special and public libraries. Before changing careers to librarianship, she spent a decade as an epidemiologist at Public Health – Seattle & King County, working both as an analyst doing survey and community assessment work, and answering data requests from researchers, government officials, and the public. She has a Ph.D. in Sociology/Demography, a Master’s in Public Health and a Master’s in Library and Information Science, all from the...

Improved Data Protection Features for Berkeley Qualtrics Users

October 14, 2020

D-Lab has long been a champion of campus qualtrics users by hosting workshops and supporting consulting requests. We have some updates that we would like to share with you regarding some changes to the campuswide qualtrics brand that might affect your surveys.


In order to ensure compliance with UC privacy and ...