Deibi Sibrian

Job title: 
Data Science for Social Justice Fellow 2024
Deibi is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, centering critical interdisciplinary ecology and multispecies justice. Deibi coined the term "Cryptonocene," an interdisciplinary framework, to study the socio-environmental health impacts of cryptocurrencies and related technologies, such as AI.
With over two years of experience as a graduate instructor, Deibi now is a Graduate Student Researcher, NSF Digital Transformation Fellow, and Mentored Research Fellow. Before joining Berkeley, Deibi was the project manager for an interdisciplinary team conducting occupational health and safety research requested by the Washington State Legislature.
Research interests: 

Additional interests: Indigenous rights/sovereignty, promoting sustainable & just energy transitions, interdisciplinary mixed methods, urban coastal ecology, food sovereignty, ethnobotany, agroecology, and agroforestry.