Name Job title Role
David Harding, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology & Faculty Director, Social Sciences D-Lab Faculty, Researcher, Staff
Raka Ray, Ph.D. Professor and Dean, Social Sciences Governing Board
Jennifer Chayes, Ph.D. Associate Provost of the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society; Dean of the School of Information Governing Board
Patty Frontiera, Ph.D. Interim Executive Director, D-Lab; Co-Director, Berkeley Federal Statistical Research Data Center; Data Scientist; Data Services Lead Staff, Researcher
Claudia von Vacano, Ph.D. Executive Director of D-Lab and Digital Humanities Staff, Researcher
Randy Katz, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Research, Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Governing Board
Aaron Culich Deputy Director of D-Lab; Cyberinfrastructure Architect and Consulting Lead Consultant, Staff
Kylee Morrell Department Manager Staff
Severin Saenz Project/Policy Analyst III, Consultant Consultant, Staff
Abhishek Roy IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board
Adam Anderson, Ph.D. Research Training Manager; Postdoc Lecturer Alumni
Alexander Sahn, Ph.D. Senior Data Science Fellow Alumni
Amanda Glazer Instructor Instructor
Amanda Jorgensen IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board
Aniket Kesari, Ph.D. Research Fellow Alumni, Researcher
Ann Glusker, Ph.D. Sociology, Demography, & Quantitative Research Librarian Affiliates
Anna Pan Consultant Consultant
Anusha Bishop Consultant Consultant
Ash Tan Consultant Alumni
Bobo Kwok UTech UTech Staff