Tom van Nuenen, Ph.D.

Job title: 
Data Scientist, Senior Consultant, and Senior Instructor
Social Sciences
Digital Humanities

Assistant Project Scientist @ D-Lab. I'm an educator and researcher with a PhD in digital culture studies. I have over 10 years of experience in applying mixed methods to solve social, ethical, and development questions related to ML, AI, and algorithmic culture. I am passionate about the impact of datafication on society, particularly in the context of fairness and discrimination, and I have a special interest in travel and tourism.

I specialize in robust interpretative methods for big social data, having taught courses and workshops across the world, including in Berkeley, Shanghai, Copenhagen and Sydney. For the past three years I have participated in state-of-the-art research on AI discrimination and bias, as a postdoctoral fellow on the cross-disciplinary, EPSRC-funded ‘Discovering and Attesting Digital Discrimination’ project at King’s College London. I am co-developing Natural Language Processing methods to investigate language biases, investigate perceptions of unfair treatment by AI systems, and run workshops on AI and language bias.

My PhD (2016) was on contemporary ideologies surrounding leisurely travel, and their recalibration through digital technology. My book on hypermediated tourism and the construction of authenticity was published by De Gruyter in 2021.

New book out now: Scripted Journeys: Authenticity in Hypermediated Tourism

Explainer video: Scripted Journeys - A book on tourism, algorithms, and authenticity (YouTube video)

Research interests: 

 Fairness, Perceptions of AI, Hermeneutics