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In 2016, Dav Clark joined the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, leading research on the effects of mindfulness on adolescents. After getting his Ph.D. from Berkeley in Cognitive Psychology, Dav worked at D-Lab and BIDS, developing software tools for accessible and open science. He left to follow his research focuses on developing and assessing educational and wellness interventions.

He likes Python a lot, but did most of the statistics and graphs for his dissertation in R. He also thinks web technology is really cool. He thinks it’s important to know that your choice of a data storage back-end can be the most important speed-related decision you can make!



Not currently available.

This consultation service is meant to complement the Python Workers' Party (our python working group), which Dav will generally be attending. The working group starts at 4:30pm on the first and third Fridays of each month - come early, introduce yourself, and get oriented! Dav (and often others) will be available for answering questions from 4-6pm. If you cannot make it then, please sign up below to make an appointment. Dav can also provide consulting on data management issues, including SQL, NoSQL, and HDF5 solutions.

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