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Dillon Niederhut was research associate of the D-Lab services team, where he led development of the python and R curricula, and provides programming support for data collection and analysis. He received a PhD in the anthropology department in spring 2016, where he used high field MRI to study brain evolution, tract-based statistics to study human development, and natural language processing to study emergence and diversification. Prior to working for the D-Lab, Dillon led the community outreach efforts of Berkeley's Graduate Assembly.



research design, generalized linear models, diagnostics and validation, text analysis
Not currently available.

Consultations in creating robust experimental designs, measurement, and analytics, especially in generalized linear models; questions accepted about R, Python, mongoDB, web APIs, meta-analyses, and natural language processing. If you would like to request a meeting with Dillon, please include your field, a basic description of your goals and sticking points, and your favorite Game of Thrones character.