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Former Qualitative Research Lead

In his capacity as D-Lab's Qualitative Research Lead, Josué facilitates and arranges workshops, presentations, and consultations. The workshops he facilitates include Primer on Qualitative Research, Introduction to Qualitative Research Coding, and Introduction to MAXQDA, Parts 1 & 2. The consultations he provides typically focus on selection of methodology, development of coding scheme, and use of software for coding and analysis.

He earned two graduate degrees from Michigan State University: a Master of Arts in Postsecondary Education with a Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning, and a Master of Social Work in Macro Practice. His undergraduate studies in Social Work were completed at Loyola University Chicago. In addition to formal research training, he has experience serving as a research assistant and conducting his own studies. He also has over ten years of practice experience in education, community, and healthcare institutions.