Name Job title Role
David Harding, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology & Faculty Director, Social Sciences D-Lab Faculty, Researcher, Staff
Raka Ray, Ph.D. Professor and Dean, Social Sciences Governing Board
Jennifer Chayes, Ph.D. Associate Provost of the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society; Dean of the School of Information Governing Board
Patty Frontiera, Ph.D. Interim Executive Director, D-Lab; Co-Director, Berkeley Federal Statistical Research Data Center; Data Scientist; Data Services Lead Staff, Researcher
Claudia von Vacano, Ph.D. Executive Director of D-Lab and Digital Humanities Staff, Researcher
Randy Katz, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Research, Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Governing Board
Aaron Culich Deputy Director of D-Lab; Cyberinfrastructure Architect and Consulting Lead Consultant, Staff
Kylee Morrell Department Manager Staff
Severin Saenz Project/Policy Analyst III, Consultant Consultant, Staff
Abhishek Roy IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board
Adam Anderson, Ph.D. Research Training Manager; Postdoc Lecturer Alumni
Alexander Sahn, Ph.D. Senior Data Science Fellow Alumni
Amanda Glazer Instructor Instructor
Amanda Jorgensen IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board
Aniket Kesari, Ph.D. Postdoc; Senior Data Science Fellow Alumni, Researcher
Ann Glusker, Ph.D. Sociology, Demography, & Quantitative Research Librarian Affiliates
Anna Pan Consultant Consultant
Anusha Bishop Consultant Consultant
Ash Tan Consultant Consultant
Bobo Kwok UTech UTech Staff