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Sean Freeder

I worked briefly in political campaigns before coming to Berkeley to get my PhD in political science. I now study a number of topics in that discipline, including voter turnout, vote choice, belief formation, mass communication, persuasion, and affective polarization. My dissertation focuses citizens' tendencies to attribute negative motivations to those with whom they disagree politically, how this contributes to worsening mass partisan relations, and whether these views can be changed.


October 15, 2018
March 19, 2018


By Appointment (onTuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays)

I am available to assist in the creation and implementation of survey-based research designs, particularly those using the Qualtrics platform for surveys, and MTurk for respondent recruitment (though I have experience with using other subject pools). My services extend to helping with both technical use of these platforms as well as basic experimental and survey research design input. Finally, I am happy to help people building and cleaning datasets out of the raw output from these survey platforms, or other kinds of observational data.