Aniket Kesari, Ph.D.

Job title: 
Research Fellow
Berkeley Law

Aniket is a postdoctoral scholar at the D-Lab. He earned his Ph.D. from Berkeley Law, where he specialized in Law & Economics. He also holds a BA from Rutgers University – New Brunswick in Political Science and History and is a JD candidate at Yale University. His research focuses on privacy and cybersecurity law, and he is generally interested in using data science to tackle public policy problems. During his graduate career, he was a Google Public Policy Fellow, a Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) Fellow at the University of Chicago, and a Technology Policy Analyst Intern at GitHub. As a postdoc, he is responsible for developing materials and teaching for the graduate Computational Social Science Training Program. He is also a member of the Social Media and Hate Speech Research Team.

Research interests: 

By Appointment-only; Python, R, LaTeX, Cybersecurity & Data Security, Deep Learning, Geospatial Data, Maps & Spatial Analysis, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Text Analysis, Web Scraping, Bash or Command Line, Git or Github